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Having a baby is an amazing experience. Choose the Mile Bluff OB team for expertise you can trust. Our physicians, midwife, and nurses are specialists in caring for you at every stage of pregnancy. Get the very best care at Mile Bluff.

Why choose Mile Bluff:

  • Experienced and diverse provider team to choose from
  • 8 OB providers in five clinic locations
  • Your OB provider will deliver your baby
  • Deliver at our Birth Center in one of our 5 birthing suites
  • Certified lactation consultant on staff
  • Highly skilled OB nursing staff with nearly 200 years of licensed RN experience
  • NEW Family-centered C-sections

Experience compassionate pregnancy care and expertise. Experience Mile Bluff.

Kaitlyn H
“It doesn't feel like you're sitting in a hospital; you're surrounded by friendly people that kind of become your family. My doctor and some nurses have been with me for every single delivery.”

-Kaitlyn H. from Elroy, WI
Mile Bluff patient

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